At Kathy Drewien & Company our commitment is to provide services our friends would choose and our clients will recommend to their friends.


To achieve our vision, we set out to fundamentally and radically revolutionize access to high quality web service, in our areas of deep specialization – design, e-commerce, membership sites, search engine optimization, email marketing, and training.


To explain the fundamentally different approach Kathy Drewien & Company is taking to uniquely deliver valuable web solutions, the following table explains the traditional ways web design firms have operated (and, almost exclusively, continue to operate) and the new vision that KD&CO is built around.



Bill clients on hourly rates (or various, increasingly elaborate, permutations on the theme) and have no particular interest in client perception of value

Clients receive up front ‘SPS Guarantee’—service and price satisfaction is Guaranteed with all work following upfront fixed pricing

Everything tracked on a timesheet. The longer something takes, the better for the design firm

No timesheets. Sophisticated project management tools help ensure client expectations are exceeded

Quality is defined by the design firm

Quality is defined by the client

‘Impressive’ commercial office space, with ‘power’ build outs

KD&CO meets wherever it best suits customers. No permanent office space

Intellectual property should be guarded jealously

Intellectual property creates trust and should be shared freely

Strives for near-perfect technical expertise with no collaboration

All services are fit-for-purpose, aligning with collaborative customer objectives

Cultural focus on ‘is this billable’ for the agency

Cultural focus on ‘is this valuable’ for the client

‘Leveraging’ of full-time staff to do the bulk of the work serving clients

Flexible work practices that match supply with demand

Revenue growth the #1 goal

Exceeding expectations #1 goal